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Welcome to THREE.Vegas: Your Portal to Wisdom in 2024

Step into the enchanting world of THREE.Vegas, where the mystical meets the modern. Led by the Visionary, Pioneer, and Tarot Intuitive, Mona Van Joseph, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey like no other.

Hailing from the vibrant heart of the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas, THREE.Vegas is your exclusive destination to seek profound insights and guidance. Our team comprises three exceptional Las Vegas Area Psychic Arts Licensed* readers, each specializing in their unique talents, ready to illuminate your path to enlightenment.

*Psychic Arts & Privileged Licensing


YOU decide which Reader addresses your question first!

Our Master Astrologer, Kris, will begin by exploring your ruling Sun Sign to provide a foundational understanding. She will then delve into your astrological chart, offering personalized insights and guidance from the celestial energies. By interpreting the intricate details of your chart, Kris will address your question with profound astrological wisdom, bringing clarity and enlightenment to your inquiry.

Our Clairvoyant Medium, Rainey, will address your question from a profound spiritual perspective, tapping into the guidance from Spirit and the Universal energies. She will connect with any guides or departed loved ones who come through, offering their insights and wisdom to provide clarity and comfort for your query. Rainey’s unique gifts allow her to bridge the gap between worlds, delivering messages of hope and enlightenment.

Our Tarot Intuitive, Mona, will address your question using her deep intuitive understanding of the Tarot. She will interpret the messages from the Osho-Zen®️ Tarot deck, channeling her unique gifts to weave a compelling story that illuminates your path. Mona’s intuitive approach brings clarity and wisdom to your query, guided by the profound symbolism and energies of the Tarot, offering insights that resonate deeply with your soul’s journey.

One Question – Three Readers – Three Answers

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Discover Our Show:

Tune in to our captivating online streaming show at, where your questions are expertly answered from three distinct perspectives, offering a harmonious blend of depth, collaboration, and unwavering support.

Mona Van Joseph is a professional Intuitive Tarot Consultant and is the Founder and Executive Producer of THREE.Vegas. She brings over four decades of personal and professional experience in the mystical arts. Mona’s expertise has graced the most prestigious casinos, VIP events, and noteworthy Nationwide TV programs. Her appearances on Jimmy Kimmel, Sister Wives & Dead Famous have been viewed by millions and she is celebrated for her charitable contributions to the Las Vegas community.

Ready to explore the mysteries of your inquiry? Simply use our user-friendly form to submit your questions and get ready for a transformative experience as our team of experts provides answers that resonate deeply with you.

Our Production Team will reach out to you with the detailed instructions about calling into the recording of the LIVE broadcast of Three. We will ask you your first name, your birth place, your birth time and your birth date. We will NOT ask you what question you’ll be asking until you are live on the program.

Our Mystical Team at THREE.Vegas combines the profound wisdom of astrology, spiritual insights, and intuitive tarot readings. Master Astrologer Kris begins by exploring your ruling Natal Chart and delving into your astrological chart to provide personalized guidance from celestial energies. Clairvoyant Medium Rainey taps into Spirit and the Universal energies, connecting with guides and departed loved ones to offer messages of hope and clarity. Tarot Intuitive Mona uses the Osho-Zen®️ Tarot deck to channel her unique gifts, weaving a compelling story that resonates deeply with your soul’s journey, bringing clarity and enlightenment to your query.

Each of our callers will receive a thoughtful and compassionate, Three-Dimensional Divination to his or her question!

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Join us on this enlightening journey, where Ancient Wisdom meets Contemporary Insights, and your path to Personal Growth and Understanding unfolds.

Welcome to THREE.Vegas – Your Portal to a World of Infinite Possibilities and Wisdom in 2024.