Meet Mona Van Joseph – Intuitive Tarot Consultant

Celebrating an impressive 22-year journey as a Professional Intuitive Tarot Consultant, I am fondly known locally as Mystic Mona®️. I am considered one of the top Intuitive Tarot Readers in Las Vegas and the Executive Producer of THREE.

I have conducted more than 20,000 personal readings as a professional Tarot Intuitive in Las Vegas. In a collaborative and compelling way, my readings are all about helping people find their most divine potential and purpose. I am adept at getting right to the most important issue or opportunity in a session. So whether you decide to visit with me in person, over the phone or by Zoom, I believe you and I found each other for a reason.

I am often engaged luxury casino properties with their VIP gatherings and exclusive celebrity events. I’ve been the go-to choice for conventions and trade shows by drawing crowds (and prospective clients) to their booths with my fun, accurate and entertaining readings on the exhibit hall floor.

Adapting to the ever-changing landscape of 2020, I seamlessly transitioned my services into the digital realm, adding a touch of magic to countless virtual events and conducting personal sessions via Zoom. This modality can be utilized for both events and personal sessions.

You may have seen me on your screens, as I’ve had the pleasure of making appearances on renowned shows such as Jimmy Kimmel, and Dead Famous. My insights and talents have also earned me recognition from local media giants like Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC affiliates. I ventured into the world of reality TV, by making a memorable appearance (as well as accurate predictions) on TLC’s ‘Sister Wives.’

My commitment to the Las Vegas community has not gone unnoticed. I’ve had the distinct honor of being recognized by Mayor Carolyn Goodman in both 2018 and 2023 for my significant community contributions. In fact, October 30, 2023, was officially declared Mystic Mona®️ Day in Las Vegas—a momentous occasion celebrated at the 7th Annual Night of the Witches.

In 2018, Mayor Goodman recognized my non-profit endeavors with HELP of Southern Nevada at Tea, Trends, and Tranquility, a proclamation (and honor certificate) that holds a special place in my business office.

Beyond my live appearances and community work, I’ve authored three publications: ‘Nine-Day Energy Reset,’ ‘The Selfish Wish,’ and the innovative ‘Dice Wisdom‘ book – a method of divination with the casting of two dice. All available on

Tune in to my live Psychic View®️ radio show every Saturday morning at 9:00 AM, Pacific Time. You can ask your most important questions during the show by calling 347-850-1494. The lines open at 8:45 AM, so don’t miss your chance!

Since 2002, I’ve held the prestigious Psychic Arts privileged license through the City of Las Vegas. This specific license is unique to Clark County, NV and requires a criminal background investigation by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

While I’m skilled in various divination methods, my true passion lies in Tarot. My preferred deck is the enchanting OSHO-ZEN Tarot; known not only for its exquisite artwork but also for the profound multi-level messages it conveys. I don’t communicate with spirits or necessarily “predict” the future. Instead, I’ll provide insight into your current situation, advise on the potential of your direction and what may transpire if you continue on your current path.

Consider me a Life Intuitive—I firmly believe that you hold the reins to your life’s journey and possess the power to transform it. Those who find their way to me are ready to embrace change and step into a more authentic version of themselves. It’s no coincidence that you’re here; I’m here to help you recognize your personal power and potential.

I do phone, Zoom, and in-person sessions by appointment. Reach out to me at 702-233-4790 (or through my website link below) and let’s embark on your transformational journey together.

Psychic Arts License – City of Las Vegas – A24-00115

Mona Van Joseph 702-233-4790

Instagram @MonaVanJoseph X/Twitter @THEMysticMona

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