Meet Kris Gray – Master Astrologer

For over 3 decades, Kris is fascinated with astrology. Her on-going study of the cosmic arts have helped people align with his or her natural gifts. She’s become a master at showing people how he or she may relax into their most effective energy.

She contributes her Astrology insight each month to Vegas Astrology – Your Monthly Forecast and can personally address your chart in a private session.

“I’m ‘all-in and present’ when I translate a chart for someone and make it my priority to explain thoroughly how these organic gifts will work for you. Your cosmic journey is unique to you and no one else has exactly the same attributes. It would be my privilege to reveal the energies of your Birth Chart, Transition Chart, Relationship Chart or Success Chart (or any of the other chart readings I provide to help you enhance your view of your life’s journey). Isn’t time for you to spiritually agree with the flow of love, energy and purpose that you were born to live?

Each Astrology Reading specific to you and how you may capture the natural gifts of your planetary influences to help you achieve your goals and purpose in this lifetime.

Our visit will show you how to enhance your life and it is my purpose to be here for you. Isn’t it time for you to manifest your highest potential?”

Kris Gray 214-387-1452

Kris Gray – Master Astrologer